Mars Growth, a Liquidity Group Fund, Provides AI Company Eureka with Growth Capital Funding

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Mars Growth, a Liquidity Group and MUFG joint venture fund, has provided growth funding for Eureka, a leader in unlocking the vast amount of alternative and open data available with artificial intelligence and machine learning to allow leading enterprises better understand and serve their existing customers and attract new customers.

We move quickly to provide funding to growth-stage companies creating value in their vertical,” said Ron Daniel, CEO and co-founder of Liquidity Group. “Our machine learning system enabled us to fully evaluate and fund Eureka’s big data A.I. to improve and enhance customer experiences.”

Founded in 2016, Eureka has offices in eight major cities in Asia, the US, the Middle East, and Africa. Eureka software products allow companies to derive intelligence at scale by applying AI and machine learning to large scale external and internal data sets and combining them. Eureka’s financial intelligence products enable credit and risk scoring by leveraging telecom and alternative data, as well as open banking and transaction data. Its market intelligence products provide the largest continuous market research panel in a country for digital and location intelligence. Eureka’s DS2 Feature Store and AI Learning Fabric provide data scientists the tools to deliver data science at scale. Eureka works with Fortune 500 companies in telecom, banking, insurance, e-commerce and transport.

Eureka’s growth is fueled by their high-tech approach to turning mobile and alternative data into intelligence at scale,” said Satoshi Richard Terai, Investment Manager at Mars Growth. “Liquidity’s technology-driven strategy gives us an understanding of the financial needs of high-growth companies like Eureka. We utilize our machine learning due diligence platform to analyze and deploy capital, and we look forward to supporting other great tech companies in the future.”

The Liquidity team provided funding that will fuel our continued rapid growth as we scale our business,” said Eureka CEO Benjamin Soemartopo. “From day one, the process was effortless. The financing will enable us to expand our offerings to provide the intelligence our customers need.

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