frequently asked questions

This is the right page to find out more about our funding model, qualifications and answers your need. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your company soon.

Does MARS Growth Capital work with all companies?

MARS Growth Capital Primarily Invests In SaaS Companies With Over US $2M ARR And At Least 12 Months Of Sales.
If Your Company Does Not Meet The ARR Or Is Not A SaaS Based Company, Please Do Contact Us As We Also Offer Funding For E-Commerce And Other Revenue Models.

Does MARS Growth Capital receive equity for their investments?

MARS Growth Capital invests solely in your company’s MRR, by buying potential future revenues.

Is MARS Growth Capital’s investment considered to be a loan?

MARS Growth Capital buys a service from you. We buy your commitment to operate your service at high SLA standards to your monthly subscribers, and your commitment to collect your clients' payments and forward us our share. Our investment is being written in your books as deferred payments and you can recognize our purchases as an actual collection.

Does MARS Growth Capital collect payments from my customers?

MARS Growth Capital Does Not Contact Your Clients. We Do Not Wish To Interfere With Your Customer Relationships.
We Collect Directly From You.

What about security?

Security Is Our Top Priority.
MARS Growth Capital Practices The Industry’s Highest Security Protocols.

How do I apply for funding?

Please Use The Following “Link” And Get Started Today. You May Of Course Request A Call With A Specialist.

Is accounting software integration offered?

We Can Access The Health Of Your Business Based On Your Accounting Data In Various Formats.
Accounting Integration Certainly Helps Speed Up The Underwriting And Credit Evaluation Process.

Do I qualify for MARS Growth Capital funding?

Qualification For MARS Growth Capital Is determined by a Number Of Factors.
These Factors Include, But Are Not Limited To, Your Business Cash Flow,
The Strength Of Your Customers, Past Sales Data, Unit Economics, Financial Runway, CAC:LTV

How quickly does MARS Growth Capital make a funding decision?

We'll Respond To Your Application Within A Few Business Days.
Time for Underwriting Is A Collaborative Process That Relies On Access To Your Accounting Data.
Once Received We Aim To Provide A Term Sheet Within 3-5 Working Days.

How much funding will I have access to?

Typically We Provide Cash Flow Funding Ranging Between $3,000,000 - $100,000,000.

How long does it take for funding?

Once The Agreement Is Finalized We Can Typically Deliver Funds To Your Bank Within 48 Hours.

Does MARS Growth Capital provide unsecured financing?

Yes, MARS Growth Capital Funding Does Not Carry Any Type Of Securities Or Liens.
It Is Non Recourse There Is Typically Only One Or Two Covenants In Place, To Ensure That You Stand Behind Your Projections.

Are there termination fees if I want to leave?

No, As Long As You Have Cleared Your Balance,
You Can Stop Using Liquidity Services At Any Time With No Penalties Or Fees.